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Slidetwo is an online platform for the exchange of knowledge and insights regarding the application of scientific management research. Upon invitation, authors whom we call experts, make contributions (articles) that are posted in one or more of the business categories of Slidetwo.

Responsibility for the content

Please be advised that the content of an expert opinion is not formally reviewed and solely represents the opinion of the expert. Furthermore, due to the nature of an opinion, content may be altered and/or updated by the experts after the first publication. Slidetwo nor any of the contributing experts, partners, or anyone else connected with Slidetwo in any way whatsoever, is responsible for the reliability and validity of the information, nor may the information provided be regarded as a professional advice.

Expert opinions

Experts will agree with these terms and conditions and will additionally comply with instructions of Slidetwo regarding the format and structure of their contributions (see contribute). Contributions may be refused by Slidetwo.

Take down procedure

Should you feel that any information provided infringes your or any third party's rights, you will notify us before taking any legal action. Upon such notification, we will review the disputed article and will, where necessary, remove or disable access to this information within five days after your notification.


Slidetwo is a registered trademark of Slidetwo B.V. This trademark as well as any of the trademarks used by experts, partners, administrators or anyone else on this website may be used by you only in reference to this website, whether or not explicitly identified as trademark by use of symbols such as ®.


The information provided by Slidetwo is provided freely, unless otherwise indicated, and subject to future policy changes. You may use and or copy (parts of) specific expert opinions for scientific purposes or for the purpose of your organisation or your business (preferably with reference to Slidetwo), but without prior permission of Slidetwo, you may not copy and use expert opinions to publish, share, or otherwise distribute them as a business.

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