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Contributing as expert

Are you an expert in one of our business categories and are you experienced or interested in applying the results of academic research in practice? Here is your opportunity.

Select the research that you want to reflect on, maybe even work that you published yourself, or contact our editorial offices and we will provide you with summaries of relevant published scientific research in your area of expertise.

We will guide you with structure and format, in order to make live for as easy and efficient as possible. In fact, basically all we need are your ideas. From there we can actively support you in writing and uploading your contribution.

What’s in it for you? You can become contributing expert for Slidetwo and share your your insights with the global business and research community. You may refer to published work of yourself or others and to all other available content in websites, brochures, etc. Your name and email address are all that we need to connect you with our users.

If you or your company are interested in providing content on a more structural or exclusive basis, we offer attractive partnership opportunities.

Interested in contributing as a freelance assistant-editor?

Do you enjoy exploring relevant practical applications of management research and writing about it? Or do you know experts in one or more areas of management who you can interview? Or maybe you already did an interview like that during your study? In that case: apply!

This is how it works:

  1. You select a topic of your interest (see Slidetwo categories on the homepage).
  2. We send you the results of relevant scientific research related to your topic, or you may make a suggestion yourself.
  3. You write a short contribution (an “opinion”) based on a fixed template, including proper references.
  4. The editor reads your article, and if it is satisfactory it will be posted immediately.
  5. You receive a reward per article and your name is mentioned on the website as assistant-editor. You may use this as a reference in your CV and on social media, including Linkedin. 

Slidetwo is an all English platform for now. Contributions are preferably in English. Contributions in Dutch are possible if agreed in advance.

Do you need more information, or do you want to apply immediately?

Please drop a message at:

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