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Slidetwo.com is a web-based platform providing access to expert opinions on the relevance of academic research for the business community.

We believe that scientific research is relevant for business when it contributes to better decision-making and through that, to the improvement of practices, management and governance. Rooted in this believe is our mission to bridge the gap between business research and practice by collecting and interpreting the outcome of research and sharing it with our business community. We execute this mission by providing opinions of knowledgeable and experienced scholars and experts, on the business impact and consequences of research. 

Although scientific research is very much based on vast management practice examples, scholars are often not focused on the business impact of their research, and despite the potential practical relevance of research, the impact of their work is not easily understood and adapted by managers. Consultants and other experts are an important channel in translating research to practice. Slidetwo supports this by providing experts the opportunity to enhance their credibility and communication to the business community. Enhanced credibility, based on a better understanding of the evidence that explains organisational performance issues and that supports new ideas and solutions for improvement.

Slidetwo is operated by Slidetwo B.V., a Dutch private limited liability company. The administration and editorial offices of Slidetwo are located in The Netherlands.

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