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Are you looking for valuable ideas to improve your or your clients’ business? We believe in the relevance of management research for better decision-making. Slidetwo is your gateway to the opinion of experts on how to apply research in practice.






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You are responsible for making decision every day. How do you generate and evaluate new ideas? Slidetwo provides evidence based opinions on business research, fueled by consultants form credible companies and independent experts


It is your job to support your managers or clients in improving their business. How do you enhance the quality and credibility of your advice? Slidetwo supports you with research driven insights and best practices from opinion leaders. You may even become one of them.


You publish in academic journals or study papers of others to substantiate your work. Are you in touch with the practical relevance of this research for business? Use Slidetwo as an additional source of knowledge and valorization of research.

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